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Canada’s Express Entry Visa

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Express Entry Canada 2015 for Federal Skilled Workers – Key Features

With effect from 1st January 2015, Canadian Government has introduced a new process for selection of skilled professionals and tradespersons wishing to immigrate to Canada and live and work in Canada as a permanent Resident. The new Canada skilled immigration selection process introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and called Express Entry to Canada has generated a lot of excitement and rightfully so. Thankfully, with announcement of Express Entry points under comprehensive Ranking system (CRS) and Express entry application process, the applicants can start filing their applications to be filed under Federal Skilled worker Class for immigration to Canada. Our opinion and view is that this opens door for immigration to Canada for interested Candidates like never before.Here are key features of the Canada Express Entry Program

Interested! Contact us to get eligibility assessment for the purpose and forward us yours’ and if applicable spousal resume for immediate assessment and further advise on FSW eligibility and ranking in CRS for the purposes of express entry pool.

Important Web-Links Information

We strongly recommend that you visit the following links for detailed information on key aspects of Canada Express entry Program: Express Entry-

  • Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

  • Express Entry Visa Application Process timings

  • Express Entry - job bank

  • Express Entry - Provincial Nomination

  • Canada FSW selection Criteria - Point System

  • Canada Express Entry Eligibility occupation List – 2015

Interested! Contact us to get eligibility assessment for the purpose and forward us yours’ and if applicable spousal resume for immediate assessment and further advise on FSW eligibility and ranking in CRS for the purposes of express entry pool.

Why start your immigration process under Express Entry Program immediately and without delays is more important than ever before!

  • By now, it is known that candidates without job offers and provincial nominations are also getting picked up from the express entry pool. The cut-off rank came down from 800 plus to 415 at one stage. It is likely that it may slip down further in coming draws. Those who waited to file because they did not had offers are regretting that they did not submit their profiles earlier! Many who took the chance of filing into the pool, got an invite! So remember, it is advantage those whose applications are lodged into the pool.
  • Even those having score of 300 plus in CRS ranking and whose application is acknowledged in the express entry pool, have a chance of being accepted! As mentioned earlier, once filed into the pool and databank, the Position: Ln 383, Ch 368 Total: Ln 706, Ch 42899 resize search UOC Ltd. candidates profile becomes assessable to employers and provinces. If offered a job or nominated by the province, he gets another 600 points. These bonus points, when added to 300 plus points take his score to 900 plus and almost an assured selection from the pool draw. So taking a chance of filing into the express entry pool at the earliest makes lots of sense. Remember that only the applications filed into the pool have a chance of being picked up by employers or provinces! So, please do not waste any more time by delayed filing into the express entry pool. Fortune favors those who take chances that others hesitate to take! Why are you waiting for others to take advantage of not many applications in the pool and getting picked up just because they happen to be in the pool?
  • And why wait when one can submit your application into the express entry pool at no charge? So to do submission, the candidate needs to give IELTS and ECA but then that was previously required as well – even before express entry program was introduced. So what has changed? Nothing. So why wait and not start the process with UOC Ltd. and retain UOC Ltd. services immediately? We shall work on other file formalities while you are busy getting IELTS score and ECA reports. All this means saved time, which in turn determines how soon you will be picked up from the pool.
  • So express entry program has provisions whereby selection decision on the applications has shifted to the express entry pool draw and thus choice has shifted to citizenship and immigration Canada. But what is the big deal about it? Will it mean that quotas for skilled immigrants will not be filled up or others will be selected on some separate set of procedures? And if one is really interested in migrating to Canada as a skilled professional, then what choice does he have except to file for express entry? It is unlikely that the skilled worker immigration process will not be changed in near time again.
  • Immigration for skilled professionals amongst English Speaking Developed Countries on point is primarily open only for Australia, Canada, Denmark and Hong King. It’s also open for New Zealand but the country is too small with limited and has limited employment opportunities for workers and professionals. European countries require knowledge of country language and in most instances a work permit before one can become a permanent resident. So, if Australia and Canada are the preferred destinations and one is interested in migrating out of India, then is there any other option but to apply for one of these two countries? Please understand that skilled immigration programs of both these countries are based on expression of interest and require invite to apply. Then why wait and why should you not go ahead and file for Canada express entry or Australia Expression of interest program without delays? None of the countries is going to change their selection process to suit candidates who wish to wait! And once a decision to file the application is made, then is there a company better placed to manage the immigration application then! Answer is an emphatic no.
  • UOC Ltd. experience in immigration consulting came from past filings and schemes is that those who are prepared with most of the documents are the likely to succeed in getting the visa. Those getting an invite to apply from the express entry pool must file the next stage of on-line application – complete with all documents – within 60 days of getting the invite! Process executive at UOC Ltd. ensures that files of our clients are ready to meet all requirements at short notice and almost immediately on receipt of ITA.
  • Last but not the least; please remember there are always going to be limited annual quotas’ for skilled immigrants!

So, starting point is NOT to wait! You should start your process for immigration to Canada immediately and without delays using UOC Ltd. services. Submit your and if married, spousal profile immediately, get assessed and registered with UOC Ltd., sign an agreement, pay our fee and get into the express entry pool!

Amongst the most referred, trusted and experienced immigration consulting companies, we are best suited to service your immigration plans – now or in future. Interested? Simply mail your and, if applicable, spousal resume to for assessment. Or simply fill-up on-line form to submit your profile with UOC Ltd.!

Visa Representative

At UOC Ltd., your application will be prepared by a team of trained documentation executives in consultation with a Canada Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). They are well-experienced immigration industry veterans who meets the specific requirements to represent our clients with various Canadian immigration government departments and agencies, represents UOC Ltd. clients for Canada Immigration.

These officers brings a lot on table for Canada destined applicants and has entered into an agreement with UOC Ltd. for representing our applicants with various Canadian Immigration offices.

Scope of Services offered - Express Entry Program

Standard package: Application forms, information, documentation, preparation, submission and follow-up

  • Offer guidance to the clients on the application process through various stages.
  • Provide checklist of required forms, information and documents required for submission of application through various stages, including for filing the application into the express entry pool and submission of profile into the job databank.
  • Guiding the client about submission of application in the on-line express entry pool and profile into the Canada Job Bank.
  • If the client application is successfully lodged into express entry pool and he gets an Invite to Apply (ITA),within an year from the lodgement of application in the Express Entry Pool, then guiding the clients through rest of the application process including submission of the application with CIO, Nova Scotia.
  • After approval from Nova Scotia, following up local consulate office for rest of the process leading upto visa issuance;
  • If scheduled, prepare the client for his interview, in person or by phone.

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Canada-Federal Skilled Worker Program – Government fee



Principal Applicant CAD 550
Spouse and each dependent child above 22 years CAD 550
Each Child below 22 years CAD 150


Principal Applicant CAD 490
Spouse CAD 490

All Government fee are subject to change without notice; Check on precise applicable fee amount in local currency from our staff. Foreign exchange rate keeps on changing and therefore please check the latest exchange rate while planning your budget. Do budget for additional expenses towards UOC Ltd. Consulting fee, IELTS tests, ECA (Educational credential assessment), couriers, photocopy, Notary, translations, etc.

Benefits of Canada

The primary objective of Canada's social programs is not only to support Canadians and permanent residents in need, but also to help citizens find good jobs, thus enabling them to participate in the economic activity of the country.
• Employment Insurance
• Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement and Spouse s Allowance
• Canada Child Tax Benefit
• Income Security
• How to apply for a S.I.N.
• Canada Child Tax Benefit
• Guaranteed Income Supplement
• Canada and Quebec Pension
• Employment Insurance
There are various social programs that will help you provide for yourself and your family, during certain conditions. Below are the beneficial programs you should know about, and may avail when you become a permanent resident of Canada.

Canadian governments at the federal, provincial and municipal level help people who are financially unable to provide for themselves and their families. Special programs are designed to help residents in different circumstances, such as:

• Raising Children
(Canada Child Tax Benefit)
• Retirement
(Canada Pension/Quebec Pension, Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement)
• Job-related Injuries
(Workers' Compensation)
• Loss of a Job
(Employment Insurance)
• Longer-term unemployment
(Social Assistance) Most benefits are for people in specific circumstances. You must qualify for each type of government assistance. For some benefits, you must pay into the plan to be eligible to receive them. To qualify for any benefit, you must have a Social Insurance Number.

A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit identification number given to each person for use in the administration of various government programs. Most newcomers receive an application form for SIN when they first arrive in Canada. If you did not get one, you can apply at any Human Resource Centre of Canada (HRCC). You will need to show your birth certificate, Canada Immigration visa (Record of Landing) and passport.

To be able to work in Canada, you are required to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). You can apply for one at the port of entry (Canada Immigration Office) when you first arrive. If you have not done this:
1. Go to the nearest Canada Employment Centre
2. Take two pieces of identification such as your passport, immigration papers, or birth certificate. All documents must be in original copy.
3. A plastic card bearing your SIN and a paper card to keep as a record will be mailed to you in about five to eight weeks. Once you receive the card, immediately sign it, and keep it with you.

The federal government provides monthly payments to parents or guardians on behalf of children under the age of 18, through a program called the Canada Child Tax Benefit. The amount varies depending on family income, number of children and their ages.

To be considered for the Child Tax Benefit, you must be the parent or guardian of the child who lives with you. You or your spouse must be either a:
• Canadian citizen
• Permanent resident
• Convention refugee in Canada whose refugee status has been confirmed by the Immigration and Refugee Board, or
• Visitor or holder of a Minister's Permit under the Immigration Act, who has lived at least 18 continuous months in Canada before applying for the Benefit

Send an application form to the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency and show documents such as Record of Landing or passport. Proof of birth must also be provided for each child.

The Old Age Security (OAS) pension is given to people 65 years and older who meet residence requirements. Those who have little or no other income may be eligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS). The spouse (between the ages of 60 and 64) of a low income or deceased pensioner may qualify for the Spouse's Allowance (SPA).

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who has lived in Canada for 40 years after the age of 18, you are eligible for a full OAS pension. Peoplewho have lived in Canada for less than 40 years may get a reduced pension.

You can apply to a client Service Centre, Income Security Program Branch of Human Resources Development Canada. You will find these listed in the government pages of the telephone book. You will need a birth or baptismal certificate, passport or Canada Immigration visa (Record of Landing).

Canada and Quebec Pension Plans are a form of insurance to which people must contribute during their working years, to receive monthly payments starting at age 65. These plans also include survivor's pensions for the spouses of deceased pensioners, disability pensions and children's and death benefits.

Canadian citizens, permanent residents, visitors and holders of a Minister's Permit who have been legally admitted to Canada for one year, whose income that year was subject to Canadian income tax and who contributed to the plan. The amount paid out will depend on the total amount contributed

You can apply to a Client Service Centre, Income Security Programs, Human Resources Development Canada. You will need a birth or baptismal certificate, passport or Canada Immigration visa (Record of Landing).

Social Assistance

Social Assistance, often called welfare, helps people in need who are not eligible for other benefits. Benefit payments help pay for food, shelter, fuel, clothing, prescription drugs, and other health services. In some cases, you may be eligible for programs to train you for the work that is available.

Worker's Compensation

People injured while at work may be eligible to receive financial benefits, medical and rehabilitative services. The provincial Workers' Compensation Board offices decide if you qualify for compensation, based on medical reports and proof that your injury was work-related.

Every province has a taxpayer-funded health insurance program that provides inexpensive, high-quality health care.
Once covered under Medicare, you will receive a provincial health card with an identification number. Be sure to inform your insurance plan if you move, or if your family size or marital status changes as it may affect your coverage. Medicare covers medical services, including physician fees and hospital costs.

Contact the provincial health care authority for an application. In most instances, you will need your Social Insurance Number, copies of your visa or landed immigrant papers. When your coverage begins, you will receive a Healthcare Card with your name and personal health number. Carry this card with you at all times.All members of your family must have their own coverage. Take their documents with you, and ask the government officer for information about registering them

Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible in all provinces. Certain persons in Canada, for a temporary period of time, are also eligible in some provinces Permanent residents are eligible immediately, except in British Columbia, Ontario and New Brunswick where there is a three-month waiting period. Persons with temporary status have different waiting periods, depending on the province.

Most medical services are paid for by various tax measures. Basic hospital charges and doctors' fees are covered. British Columbia and Alberta charge premiums